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God has done great things and He has enabled us to constantly look ahead to envision the future path of our TV media ministry. In this brochure you will find a brief narrative of our journey of faith over the years. Inspite of several challenges and obstacles in our march towards expansion of His kingdom through our media ministry, we have been able to sail through as we see God always on our side transforming acts of confrontation into acts of cooperation and turning maledictions into benedictions.

We are happy to state that we have added one more channel Good News TV in English language to our existing network to cater to the 300 million English speaking group in India and the channel was launched on 1st June 2017. God has further blessed us with a new address for our corporate office which we have been praying for. Yes, we have moved to our own premises: Dhyriam Towers 73, M.Block, 6th avenue, Anna nagar, Chennai-102.

Our sincere thanks are due to all our Pastors, Evangelists, Preachers, Church leaders and others for their support and cooperation by virtue of their association and partnership with us to spread the word of God via our media ministry.

“To whom He was not announced, they shall see: and those who have not heard shall understand”. – Romans:-15:21

God is faithful and He always fulfills what he has planned for us. We need to “Just Believe” and walk in faith. This is our story and you are part of it.




Begins Operations


Launched our first channel


in Telugu


Launched our second channel


in Hindi Nationwide


Launched our third channel


in Tamil


Launched our 4th channel


in English

D. Nehru Dhyriam

Chairman of Good News Channel

A graduate in film technology from the M.G.R Government Film & Television Institute in Chennai, India, Nehru Dhyriam has a prestigious history in film and video production for 35 years. Mr. Dhyriam’s career includes serving as chief producer in the Film & TV Division of the Govt.of Tamil Nadu for over two decades, producing more than 200 government projects. Mr. Dhyriam also served on the advisory board of the UPSC, selecting media related candidates for Doordarshan and other Government of India departments. The wealth of technical knowledge in all departments of film/television production and the steady guiding hand that Mr. Nehru Dhyriam brings is a primary factor in the success of GoodNews Channel. He resides in Hyderabad with his wife, Priscilla.

N. Ashvin Dev Dhyriam

Managing Director of Good News Channel

After graduating from the M.G.R Government Film & Television Institute in Chennai, India, Ashvin Dhyriam did his post-graduation and advanced training in TV programming and production at Cross Roads, Burlington, Canada. He is widely travelled, producing television projects in several countries including Sweden, Germany, and Finland. In 2015, Ashvin received the NRB award for International Individual Achievement. Demonstrating a great passion for teaching and training the next generation in the television media industry, Ashvin Dhyriam served as course director at Race Loyala College for over a decade and is currently course director of GoodNews Training Institutes in Chennai & Hyderabad. Ashvin and his wife, Sheba are based out of the GoodNews Chennai Office. They have three children.

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Good News Television, Dhyriam Towers, 73, M - Block, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar East, Chennai - 600102

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044 26217511

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